Within the last 5 years, elopements have been a popular alternative for some couples who love the idea of having more of an intimate wedding. It can be local or destination, having the opportunity to travel and experience a new level of bonding in new locations worldwide.  After the pandemic occurring, the wedding industry re-introduce eloping as a trendy option for couples to 'break some traditions' and having more personalized weddings. 


Micro-weddings, intimate weddings
 is also known as;

Breaking Tradition can feel liberating to some while others feel guilt. Maybe you and your spouse are walking down the aisle together and you decide you don’t want to wear white or you don’t like the look of boutonnieres or giving favours feels silly. No matter what, I SUPPORT YOU! I realize that some couples experience resistance from others and that can weigh on you. Sometimes it is nice to hear that someone out there supports you and your decisions. There are so very many reasons to break traditions and each and every one of them is respectable. 

At times we follow paths without thinking to stop and contemplate why or if it is right for us. In order to realize where you need to stray and what path you want to follow can be determined by a little soul searching and a bit of research. Here a few ways that could help figure out what is right for the two of you: 

Breaking Traditions

Knowing What is Right for You


No one wants to look like a wet dog in their photos so if it looks like it's going to rain, snow, hail or some other weather catastrophe, we'll be in touch via email or phone to reschedule. Often, when we're scheduling our initial portrait session date, if it works for our calendars, we'll actually set up both a main date and a rain date just to make sure we don't have to postpone your session for very long if the weather is bad on the original date. 

what do we do if it rains?

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The sooner the better! Our weekends tend to fill up pretty quickly - especially during the spring and fall, so the sooner you reach out to us, the more likely you are to get your desired date!  

To reserve your date, we'll need a contract as well as a deposit. And if something comes up and you need to change your date, just let us know! 

How far in advance should we book?

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If picking out outfits for photos takes you back to your high school days when you literally tried on everything in your closet and piled it on your bed but still felt like you had nothing to wear, you're in luck. 

We put together an extensive outfit suggestion guide with tips for every member of the family (even Fido!)

What should we wear?

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Unless you've modeled professionally, you're probably going to feel awkward in front of the camera. Heck, we take photos for a living and we even feel like a deer in the headlights when we're in front of the camera. 

You're going to feel awkward at first, but as the session goes on and we coach you through images, we think you'll find that being photographed can actually be fun. And don't worry about your kids. We're well versed in capturing even the busiest of little ones. 

We're awkward and my kids don't sit still.

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Within a few weeks of your session, you'll receive a link to a digital gallery that will allow you to download high resolution images. 

The gallery is also set up to make ordering prints, canvases and other keepsakes as easy as turning on a Roomba to clean your floors. No worrying about tricky things like color correction, DPI and image format. 

How will I receve my photos?

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- F. Scott Fitzgerald

but never the same love twice.