Welcome to Ania Studios

Ania Studios provides, curates some of the most indelible images for weddings, fashion editorial, and commercial photography, due to the detailed work of owner Anna Rubiec, a Sheridan College alumnus in photography,  whom approaches her work as an artist first and foremost. Her practice in imagery excels in her editorial work for such iconic magazines such as Story of Fashion, in which she paints a story narrative in each image.  Her style is evident in her wedding photography, in which is very distinct in the industry. Not only does she capture and finds the most endearing moments that are raw and spontaneous but her editorial fashion side, adds a special artistry, that makes each image more than a wedding image, they look like a moment of magic and art.

Anna and her team are proud to be initiating this new step in their business to provide a special connection from your wedding to your family, from your commercial goods to your clients or your editorial to your readership demographic. Anna focuses on ‘the connection’, and has a unique feel for each images effectiveness and lasting effect.  Her work is about the character, personality and a lasting image that is invaluable.